A voice-over has already started to do the countdown and to explain how the show works. And here is when the viewer arrives and seeks his seat, which will be difficult for him/her to find.

This person will experience everything that can remind us to a boring viewer who has gone to the cinema or to the theatre: the one who makes noise with the seat, the one who laughs exaggeratedly, the one who doesn’t stop eating and is always hungry, the one who can’t find his/her seat, the one who constantly goes to the toilet, the one whose phone rings during the show and answers it… And he/she will also experience everything that can never happen to anyone: appearances, disappearances, levitations, reconstructions… Everything is possible on this magic-theatre and clown piece.

A performance of a viewer that will last since the voice-over says “The show will start within 8 minutes” until it says “The show starts now”.

A piece that can be a good opening for any kind of stage arts gala (international magic galas, theatre shows, cabarets…) and also for Jordi Pota’s magic-theatre shows. When the audience starts getting in the place, the show will have already started.

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